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back in the Tower

25 April 2006

Here we are again, overlooking the Tower of London, watching the traffic snake across Tower Bridge. We were due to start at 3.00, it's 4.15 and we're still waiting for The Other Side to catch their breath and get their act together.

[Update] We got in, the mood was seriously subdued, but rather than launch into bitter recriminations The Other Side picked up where they usually leave off and got into some pithy contractual detail.  It was as if nothing catastrophic had happened.  I guess nobody really knows what to do about it.  I had to leave before we could discuss anything practical, so another wasted afternoon.



24 April 2006

Firewood stacked against a tree in my father’s (bee) garden. The bees are long gone but the name remains.

South Ealing cemetary

24 April 2006

On my way to a pointless afternoon/evening at The Other Office on Sunday, I dropped in on a cemetary in South Ealing, as you do…