the First Cut (is the longest)

22 June 2006

Just over two hours and done.  That's the length of my first cut of Jetsam, not the time it took to piece it together.  I've got a week to tweak the roughest edges before The Director arrives for a edit-weekender.

Two hours gives us good scope to tighten the whole thing up, though I'm also tempted by a pure art-house version, all seascapes and moody walks along the promenade.  In fact, the scope for DVD extras is quite considerable: art-house cut, chronological cut, 30 minute TV drama cut (now there's a thought…)

I haven't watched the whole thing in one go yet and may not until Simon gets here.  It will be interesting to see whether my emerging style (assuming there is one worth identifying) varies a lot over the three weeks it's taken me, particularly in the dialogue scenes which are a totally new venture for me.  I think there also going to be a tension between event explication and more stylised action.  Adventures new…


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