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Wilton Way splodges

22 August 2006

My camera broke. It has gone back to France from whence it came; at least I hope it has. Buying consumer electronics over the internet seems like a good idea at the time – cheap, relatively quick if you can get the delivery sorted out. But then it brakes, and it all has to go back into the box, with all it’s accompanying bits and peices so as not to nullify the warranty, be safely packaged up and posted Special Delivery to Coventry from where it will hopefully make it to France. What they’ll do with it then… who knows? Whether it will ever come back… only Pixmania and Panasonic can decide that fate.

So in the meantime, I’ll try and log pictures that I would have taken if I had my camera. And so as to demonstrate the fallibility of the human mind over the 6 mega pixel chip, I’ve missed a ‘p’ when typing splodges.


tv or not tv

19 August 2006

I’m still feeling my way through all this, trying to work out whether it’s worthwhile or not, to which of course there is no answer, so keep on looking. I’d never really thought about video blogging or watching tailor made content until I caught wind of Rocketboom and Amanda Congdon parting company (an enormous and extremely short lived storm in a teeny tiny teacup). But Robert Scoble’s post musing on what to call his upcoming video blog got me thinking. When is TV not TV?And if it’s not TV, what is it? TV controlled by networks gets broadcast because it is considered of sufficient quality/content to attract viewers and along with them advertisers in the commercial sector or continued licence fees from the government in the case of the BBC. So there’s a model – “we think this is ‘good’ and hope you will too”. At worst, produced internet video content (as distinguished from YouTube fare) is bad TV that no one needing to attract advertisers would broadcast. At best it is cutting edge stuff too bloodied to justify the commerical or public interest tag, with all sorts of niche audiences in between.

At the end of the day though it’s still TV, the traditional form is still dominant.  Scoble makes a good point about duration – there is no network schedule on the internet, a piece can be as long as the content warrants rather than fitting a slot (often being stretched way beyond the limits of the material).  I’ve quite liked some of Scoble’s Channel 9 pieces and look forward to seeing what he comes up with for ScobleTV, or whatever he decides on in the end.

my brilliant career

16 August 2006

It’s over, I need never to post another word now that I have earned an algorithmic pingback from the Scobleizer. I’ve been A-listed and will never again pour scorn on those who crave the limelight. Now that I’ve had a taste of it I want more.

Update: and of course, I got more, more of myself pinging myself. Which kind of says it all really, an endless circle jerk. But so long as we’re enjoying it, why bitch about it?

throwing toys

16 August 2006

Some entertaining examples of rather po-faced throwing of toys out of prams can be found in Nick Carr’s baleful post about how no one’s listening and Michael Arrington’s rather abusive response.

It seems astonishing to me that, just because the blogosphere and associated media are full of blog-hype, there appear to be lots of people out there who are surprised and upset that they aren’t transformed into an A-lister by virtue of making a few or a lot of posts. A particularly naive post from Seth Finkelstein is cited by Carr:

1) I was suckered into the idea that blogs were a way to “route around” media power, and to be HEARD.

Suckered is the word, and quite easily by all accounts.

4) It’s painful to admit that you’ve wasted so much time and effort and pretty much nobody is listening.

Surely only wasted if you went into it expecting to come out with a Pulitzer? Was there nothing of personal value to the process? If not, then one should probably not be ‘wasting’ so much time.

Via Techmeme

surely some mistake?

16 August 2006

The spellchecker doesn’t recognise the word “blog”, suggesting instead bog, log, blag and a number of other non blogging related words. manages a few references, why not our host?

worlds collide

16 August 2006

It’s not often that the worlds of geopolitics and geekery collide as in the comment thread following Robert Scoble’s post on Mahmoud Ahmadenijad’s blog.  There’s something touchingly naive about the tone of the original post and simplistic about the resulting comments.  Though I guess this is not necessarily a reflection on geekery itself, the quality of debate on sites such as the Guardian’s comment is free often leaves me cold.


16 August 2006

So, Ivan and Gayle got married on Saturday. This is a shot of them facing each other during the ceremony at Petersfield Register Office. It was a great day, they survived the emotional rollercoaster, I survived delivering my third Best Man’s speech and setting off bucket loads of fireworks, it didn’t rain.

On returning to London I discovered that that my Lumix FX9 has given up the ghost. When I switch it on the lens just cycles in and out three times, then it switches itself off. I’m trying to be brave about it, but once I’ve processed pictures from the weekend there won’t be anything new for a while.

how do I get down?

7 August 2006

In preparation for his forthcoming marriage to Gayle, Ivan decided to risk serious injury by climbing up this thoroughly unstable stack on the beach at Newgale Sands, Pembrokeshire. Thankfully he failed in his attempt, though had to be helped down by Leo when he realised he couldn’t find a secure footing under the overhanging and crumbling edge. Being a physical coward, I couldn’t bring myself to watch this inevitable display of near-deathery, so wandered off to inspect the sea (thus the angle of this photograph). Perhaps as Best Man I should have been more on hand to phone the air ambulance. I’ll try and make it up to him in my speech next week.