throwing toys

16 August 2006

Some entertaining examples of rather po-faced throwing of toys out of prams can be found in Nick Carr’s baleful post about how no one’s listening and Michael Arrington’s rather abusive response.

It seems astonishing to me that, just because the blogosphere and associated media are full of blog-hype, there appear to be lots of people out there who are surprised and upset that they aren’t transformed into an A-lister by virtue of making a few or a lot of posts. A particularly naive post from Seth Finkelstein is cited by Carr:

1) I was suckered into the idea that blogs were a way to “route around” media power, and to be HEARD.

Suckered is the word, and quite easily by all accounts.

4) It’s painful to admit that you’ve wasted so much time and effort and pretty much nobody is listening.

Surely only wasted if you went into it expecting to come out with a Pulitzer? Was there nothing of personal value to the process? If not, then one should probably not be ‘wasting’ so much time.

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3 Responses to “throwing toys”

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  2. “Suckered is the word, and quite easily by all accounts”

    I call this : Apologizing for my humanity
    That is, I am a human being, subject to the typical amount of bad judgment and poor choices as I pursue my hopes and dreams.
    But this does not excuse those who would exploit those frailties in order to make a buck (or even a penny).

    “Was there nothing of personal value to the process?”

    See, here, I’m supposed to be warm-n’fuzzy. I’m supposed to say something which will be my consolation. There’s a huge amount of social pressure against saying: It Wasn’t Worth It.

  3. Ned Baker Says:

    Seth: how often does a quick thought miss its mark? Apologies if my post sounded personal.

    “I call this: Apologizing for my humanity”

    I just guess I’m not sure why anyone should apologise for being human? I’d rather celebrate our humanity and our frailties and accept that there will always be people who try and prey on them. Why should the internet be any different to any other realm in that respect? Just keep your eyes open.

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