tv or not tv

19 August 2006

I’m still feeling my way through all this, trying to work out whether it’s worthwhile or not, to which of course there is no answer, so keep on looking. I’d never really thought about video blogging or watching tailor made content until I caught wind of Rocketboom and Amanda Congdon parting company (an enormous and extremely short lived storm in a teeny tiny teacup). But Robert Scoble’s post musing on what to call his upcoming video blog got me thinking. When is TV not TV?And if it’s not TV, what is it? TV controlled by networks gets broadcast because it is considered of sufficient quality/content to attract viewers and along with them advertisers in the commercial sector or continued licence fees from the government in the case of the BBC. So there’s a model – “we think this is ‘good’ and hope you will too”. At worst, produced internet video content (as distinguished from YouTube fare) is bad TV that no one needing to attract advertisers would broadcast. At best it is cutting edge stuff too bloodied to justify the commerical or public interest tag, with all sorts of niche audiences in between.

At the end of the day though it’s still TV, the traditional form is still dominant.  Scoble makes a good point about duration – there is no network schedule on the internet, a piece can be as long as the content warrants rather than fitting a slot (often being stretched way beyond the limits of the material).  I’ve quite liked some of Scoble’s Channel 9 pieces and look forward to seeing what he comes up with for ScobleTV, or whatever he decides on in the end.


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