Wilton Way splodges

22 August 2006

My camera broke. It has gone back to France from whence it came; at least I hope it has. Buying consumer electronics over the internet seems like a good idea at the time – cheap, relatively quick if you can get the delivery sorted out. But then it brakes, and it all has to go back into the box, with all it’s accompanying bits and peices so as not to nullify the warranty, be safely packaged up and posted Special Delivery to Coventry from where it will hopefully make it to France. What they’ll do with it then… who knows? Whether it will ever come back… only Pixmania and Panasonic can decide that fate.

So in the meantime, I’ll try and log pictures that I would have taken if I had my camera. And so as to demonstrate the fallibility of the human mind over the 6 mega pixel chip, I’ve missed a ‘p’ when typing splodges.


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