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Englefield Road Hammerite

23 September 2006

My camera came back from its holiday in France, restored to full working order and back on the trail of interesting things. Is this one of them?


(no) goats

7 September 2006


worlds within worlds within…

7 September 2006

The internet started as a communication and dissemination tool, the information that it carried was about the ‘world outside’.  Now that it is part of the ‘world’ it can consider itself a subject for discussion in the same way that newspapers report what other newspapers are up to.  This self referential vein goes another step deeper when the story is about how other stories get highlighted and discussed on the internet.

Jesusphreak writes about the possibly un-democratic way stories get promoted to digg’s  frontpage (that a small cartel of diggers might be fixing what gets to the top), then some more about how his story hasn’t made it to that very same frontpage in spite of being well dugg.  Kevin Rose responds.

I like the fact that people seem to care so much about this stuff.  On one level you might wish that all this energy and hours of keyboard time was being directed at something useful, but then maybe forging these new means of interaction is ultimately as ‘useful’ as anything else people fill their days with?  I also like the interplay/competition between man and machine that these discussions highlight – the algorithm over at Techmeme vs. the user/algorithm mash-ups at digg et al.

This of course is a story about a story about which stories are being promoted and discussed.  Discuss.

Via Techmeme.  Love the algorithm.

stay funny

2 September 2006

In a more worrying development, Crazy Apple Rumors Site recently started almost covering an actual story in the shape of the MacBook-hack-that-probably-wasn’t.  Whilst this laudable endeavour was undertaken with their usual elan, I was pleased see a return to form with this post detailed a urinal conversation between Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller.  As Friday’s Helpdesk showed, Moltz and Co perform better by regularly changing scene rather than sticking with a single topic.

compare and contrast

2 September 2006

In his latest post, John Gruber seems to be following Robert Scoble in adding a personal strand to his tech-centric blog Daring Fireball. Both are full time tech bloggers but take a different approach to both stands of their writing.

Scoble usually posts many times a day, varying in length from short notes on something that has just occurred to him, to longer more journalistic pieces. Whilst the majority of his output is tech, this style applies also to his family-orientated observations, most movingly to his mother’s recent decline and death.

Gruber on the other hand is the king of the long, considered, journalistic piece, most recently his analysis of the wireless MacBook hack (or non-hack, depending on your view).  Concomitantly with this he tends to post more infrequently, dealing with particular issues that coincide with his tech interests, rather than a running commentary on bits and pieces.  This pattern changed however with this vacation post, well written in his usual considered style but dealing with parenthood rather than typographical standards or Mac OS developments.

I wonder what has prompted Gruber to branch out?  It raises an interesting question about why readers keep track of particular bloggers – is it for their insights into a particular field or for something akin to a newspaper columnist’s take on the world around them.  I think Scoble successfully combines the two and it will be interesting to see if Gruber can do the same in his own, more long winded way.