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Englefield Road Hammerite

23 September 2006

My camera came back from its holiday in France, restored to full working order and back on the trail of interesting things. Is this one of them?


Wilton Way splodges

22 August 2006

My camera broke. It has gone back to France from whence it came; at least I hope it has. Buying consumer electronics over the internet seems like a good idea at the time – cheap, relatively quick if you can get the delivery sorted out. But then it brakes, and it all has to go back into the box, with all it’s accompanying bits and peices so as not to nullify the warranty, be safely packaged up and posted Special Delivery to Coventry from where it will hopefully make it to France. What they’ll do with it then… who knows? Whether it will ever come back… only Pixmania and Panasonic can decide that fate.

So in the meantime, I’ll try and log pictures that I would have taken if I had my camera. And so as to demonstrate the fallibility of the human mind over the 6 mega pixel chip, I’ve missed a ‘p’ when typing splodges.


16 August 2006

So, Ivan and Gayle got married on Saturday. This is a shot of them facing each other during the ceremony at Petersfield Register Office. It was a great day, they survived the emotional rollercoaster, I survived delivering my third Best Man’s speech and setting off bucket loads of fireworks, it didn’t rain.

On returning to London I discovered that that my Lumix FX9 has given up the ghost. When I switch it on the lens just cycles in and out three times, then it switches itself off. I’m trying to be brave about it, but once I’ve processed pictures from the weekend there won’t be anything new for a while.

how do I get down?

7 August 2006

In preparation for his forthcoming marriage to Gayle, Ivan decided to risk serious injury by climbing up this thoroughly unstable stack on the beach at Newgale Sands, Pembrokeshire. Thankfully he failed in his attempt, though had to be helped down by Leo when he realised he couldn’t find a secure footing under the overhanging and crumbling edge. Being a physical coward, I couldn’t bring myself to watch this inevitable display of near-deathery, so wandered off to inspect the sea (thus the angle of this photograph). Perhaps as Best Man I should have been more on hand to phone the air ambulance. I’ll try and make it up to him in my speech next week.

world’s least useful car parking space

18 July 2006

Absolutely brilliant.

Thedden aerial

16 June 2006

There are few things more beautiful and endlessly fascinating than aerial/satellite imagery – seeing what the combination of nature and human intervention does to the surface of the Earth. So imagine my excitement on discovering yesterday that Microsoft's mapping system now has high resolution imagery of Thedden. The race is now on to work out when the photograph dates from.


4 June 2006

Saturday night at Walthamstow greyhound track for Deirdre's birthday, complete with beer, scampi and chips; perfect antidote to a day in the edit suite piecing together Jetsam.

Thedden @ Flickr

31 May 2006

Having been prompted by Claus, who was looking to share his photos of last weekend's musical extravaganza, I set up the Thedden Grange group on Flickr yesterday (he would have done it if I hadn't jumped in there like a geeky photo geek), it can be found here:

This combination of a natural social group formed around living and having fun at particular place and the networking/sharing abilities of the internet seems to be a perfect match. Add to that a host of digital cameras at home and amongst the diaspora and we've got means of pooling our visual record.

Update: Jonathan has redirected to the group.


24 April 2006

Firewood stacked against a tree in my father’s (bee) garden. The bees are long gone but the name remains.

South Ealing cemetary

24 April 2006

On my way to a pointless afternoon/evening at The Other Office on Sunday, I dropped in on a cemetary in South Ealing, as you do…